Henry/Crabtree for Kerryon/Boyd?

Got an offer for a trade last night. I’d get Kerryon & Boyd (Cinci’s #2 receiver at this point). What do ya think?

No, don’t do this. You lose this trade as it stands, in both positions.

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agree with falcones404

Glad I didn’t listen to you guys…LOL

To be fair, this was 3 weeks ago, when Boyd wasn’t this steady yet and Kerryon was still battling 3 others for reps. Henry was supposed to be the main back, and Crabtree the end zone target. Glad you didn’t listen to us as well, but bringing it up 3 weeks later is bush league.

Actually…I haven’t been on this site since I made the trade. And isn’t that when you’re SUPPOSED to make a good trade…when the players aren’t hot yet but you can see them trending that way? Thanks for the advice. And sorry I’m “bush league”. I’ll try to be more consistent the next time…