Henry Drop? Bye Week Woes?

RBs = DJ, Hyde, Cook, Kerryon, Buck, and Henry

Can I drop henry to deal with my bye week woes? I realize he’s supposed to be a number 1 but he’s been a dud and it seems like he’s the most logical choice. I basically have solid K and DST and normally i’d drop but when Chicago is getting 10 points a week I can’t drop a defense that solid.

Rest of Roster
TE OJ Howard (getting dropped bye), Engram (IR spot)
WR - Hill, Jarvis, Kenny G, Enunwa, Cole (might drop if i can get boyd)
DST - Chicago (Bye but elite)
K - Lutz (next week issue)

I don’t think it’s a huge issue to drop Henry, but I think it’s a bit of an early potential waste. After this last game and Mariota starting to make sense of things, I think Henry will get more breathing room and continue getting touches.

He has demonstrated the talent, but the scenarios and opponents he’s been up against this year have been particularly rough between Mariota’s injury/the offense being mostly awful until right now, and playing teams like the Jags and Eagles last 2 weeks. I think he’ll benefit a ton from this apparent sudden improvement in the passing game, as will Dion Lewis, but I think Henry will see the goal line opportunities before Lewis has a chance to be that guy for the Titans.

They won’t always be in these sudden death situations. He’s also a a good pass catching back like Lewis, though not as good a receiver as Lewis of course.

yeah, but i guess my wonder is will Henry’s blow up happen next week, or will it take 2-3 weeks. Because if he stays out there i’m willing to snag him after DST/K bye’s are out of the way. and if Chicago wasn’t beastly i’d full on rotate DST/K, but since Chicago is too good to drop it’s just turning into keep the guys that are decent .

On paper, it should be next week if it’s any time. They are at Buffalo.

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So I’d hold him and see how he does vs Buf if you can. People are buzzing abt the Titans for sure, I mean they are 3-1 after all. And they should take care of Buf and be 4-1 if they are legit. I expect increasing demand for any central piece of the Titans, and Henry very much has the opportunity to be that.

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Yeah i saw buck allen hasn’t done much, so would buck allen then be the guy to drop? both have kind of stunk, and in general i hate dropping RBs but honestly if I’m down to playing Henry or Buck i’m kind of screwed anyway.

As @falcones404 mentioned with the Titans playing the Bills next week i think Henry is a must play and then following a highly probably big game (either in garbage time salting the lead or in game) he will be a sell off a big performance.

I see your issue with drops though, agree the Bears are a hold and I’m not sure who else you would drop at this point. I don’t hate dropping him and he is a classic landmine for someone else to roster and deal with but the issue is that he should have himself a game this week as players vs the Bills are as close to a lock as it gets. Also with White most likely covering Davis all day the backs will need to get it done for TEN. If you do drop him just be aware of your opponent picking him up for your matchup and assume he’ll be in the RB1 range when you set the line up to be safe. Tough call though

The only other avenue you would be can you trade him for a TE to stream while Engram is out or in a package to get an RB or WR then grab a player from the wire at least that way you can control where Henry ends up?

Yeah unfortunately i’ll be near 1st place. 3-0, probably losing this week, I’m down by 5 but I have Hill against Watkins so I could still win. No one in this league likes to trade with the leaders. I might just lean towards dropping buck, he seems to be the standard streaming RB anyway that people pick up when they need and drop as soon as they’re done with him.

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Yeah that’s probably the play, at least you can get one good week (we hope!) from Henry and then throw him back or trade and give someone else the headache.

He’d be a good waiver diversion for week 6, if you drop him in (if you failed to trade) you know the name will get the attention and you can target someone else with more long term appeal or a better weekly option and thin the competition for those players out by dangling Henry for them as bait