Henry, Elliot Trade

Trade away Henry & Claypool, receive Elliot & Godwin (Half-PPR)

K. Allen
Cee Dee
N. Harris
M. Andrews

Bench: Thielen, D. Moore, K. Hunt, Claypool, Antonio Brown, Conner, L. Murray

I like it simply enough for the QB WR stack. But I think Godwin has more consistency than Claypool

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Thanks for the response. I think I might do it.

The Godwin advantage over Claypool makes this worth doing, IMO. I’d accept.

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Thanks man. Always looking for those big games from Claypool, but the consistency with Godwin and Brady is great. And if Godwin gets hurt, I have Brown. Might also give me the option to trade away a receiver.

Godwin’s volume and the stack make it worthwhile. I’d take that trade

Thanks everyone. Made the trade.