Henry for picks

Our 10 team league is doing a strange roster-expansion draft this year. We are going from 21 to 28 players. So, there’s a few good players on the waivers plus rookies.

I’m being offered Derrick Henry for my 2 and 3. Overall picks 14 and 20.

Should I do it? My team is pretty nice with Zeke, Cook, Howard and Cohen.

I dont think you’ll need Henry at all with the depth and youth you already have. The top rookie RBs go in the first 7-8 picks of your rookie/FA draft so at 14 I think you can get a solid WR to hold like Gallup or Kirk imo


totally agree with @hawnwong!

think you should hold your picks

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Also agree hold the picks, too much to give up for Henry for me

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