Henry for the 5th

Is Derrick Henry worth trading for the 5th pick in rookie draft? I have Dion Lewis also.

Depends on who your other RBs are but yes I would trade Henry for the 1.05

I would make the trade considering Dion will be taking away snaps.

At 1.05 you can land Any of the remaining top 5 backs. I’d prefer Penny, Sony, Guice or Freeman over Henry.

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I would gladly trade Henry for 1.05.


I’ve seen Nick Chubb fall to 1.05 enough times to wait it out until you’re on the clock. I prefer him to Henry by quite a bit.

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I read this backwards. Even if Chubb doesn’t fall your worst case scenario is what? Royce Freeman if you’re going RB and Moore/Ridley if you’re going WR. Either way I like the trade personally

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I traded Reed for Mahomes & Fuller. About to trade Henry & my 1.07 pick to get the 1.04 & 1.05 picks. Who should I target with #4 & #5 picks in the first?

Assuming Saquon and Guice are the first two off the board in most drafts, one of R Freeman, R Jones, N Chubb and S Michel will be taken and you’ll get your pick of the rest then a top WR with the next pick. I like Michel out of the RB the best and honestly C Kirk from the recievers but he’s more of a late 1st/early 2nd rounder

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Yes, I’d be all over that. Especially if it’s a ppr or half ppr league