Henry, Jacobs or Clyde Edwards

Full PPR league, do you guys like Derrick Henry, Josh Jacobs or Clyde Edwards?

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So I haven’t felt good taking Henry this year in a mock yet. But CEH has given me a few good teams. I have only taken Josh like once and I liked the team but passed on other 1st rounds I’d like better

I have been mocking at 5-7 consistently because I have 2 drafts where I’m at 6 this year

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Im in a 10 man PPR keeper league. And I have the first pick and want to take a RB. And those are the best guys available, Henry, Jacobs , and CEH. What you think? My keeper is Saquan BTW

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It’s Henry or CEH to me.
Henry doesn’t have PPR but he wins weeks and with saquon you have insurance week to week
And CEH is a rookie in CK…remember Kareem Hunts rookie year…with PPR it’s got good up side if he is a work horse like Henry but has Mahomes behind throwing and handing to him


Henry and CEH have upside, but it is Josh for me. JJ has the same upside as the other two mixed with a higher floor. John G’s offense is run heavy, and JJac has show signs of elite talent.

Henry doesn’t catch the ball yet, and we have been heavily downplaying the risk of a rookie in a year without a camp. When you are drafting CEH, you are drafting Andy Reid’s offense, not the player. There are big question marks in Arrowhead, but could end up being nothing. CEH could be great.

In full PPR I like CEH for the upside. I’m assuming you are selecting later in the round, which means you can probably walk away with a more ‘stable’ RB in round 2 like Aaron Jones, Austin Eckler, or Kenyan Drake.

Josh Jacobs would be my backup if Helaire is already gone.