Henry trade

What are the realistic trade options for Derrick Henry?

One guy in our league is pretty solid at RB and offered me Mixon and Conner. He also has Jones, Monty and Robinson.

Should I take the proposed trade or should I try a smaller trade like Chark for Montgomery or Robinson?

If you could pull off Chark for Montgomery OR Robinson that would be a steal for you. I’d do that.

I WOULD NOT give up Henry for Mixon/Conner. Conner will end up hurt like he always does. He’s the Jordan Reed of RBs. I just traded him for Golladay straight up and couldn’t be happier.

Okay I’ll ask the guy as he really likes Chark. We had a trade last week for Monty for Chark straight up but then Chark wasn’t playing. I’ll circle back to that and see if he’s willing to do it.

Assume you mean James Robinson and not Allen Robinson?

Yes. Sorry lol