Herbert/Cam or Tannehill ROS

4pt Passing TD League

I’m currently rostering Cam and Herbert. I’m going to keep rostering 2 QBs after already getting messed around with Covid and surprise bye weeks… I got lucky with the Herbert pickup the week Cam went on Covid-IR then had a surprise bye.

My question is, would you drop Herbert or Cam for Tannehill? I lean dropping Herbert but as for this week’s matchups; Herbert has JAX, Cam has SF, and Tannehill has PIT… Herbert is clearly the best matchup IMO.

Rest of the season it has to be Tannehill I think. This week I would probably start Cam or Herbert but Tannehill has just been great pretty much without fail. ROS I want Tannehill on every team I can get him.

Would you rather drop Cam or Herbert?

I think Cam here. Herbert seems like he has more weapons right now. Edelman looks washed and Harry looks bad. But it is really close for me. Cam’s running upside means he will have some blow up games. I lean Cam but it probably comes down to schedule for me. Looks like Herbert plays ATL week 14 so that is a huge bump for week 1 of the playoffs.