Herbert or Cam ROS?

Have no kicker in yet this week and need to free up a roster spot. Starting Herbert this week over Cam and thinking about dropping him. Would you rather have Herbert ROS?

Hard to bet against Cam, but Herbert definitely has the easier schedule going forward. Would like to see how this week goes first. Anyone else you can drop?

QB: Herbert, Cam
RB: Jacobs, David Johnson, Gibson, Bell, McKinnon
WR: McLaurin, Parker, Deebo, Anderson, AB
TE: Fant

I traded away Drake for Lev just before he signed and dripped Damian Harris to pick up AB. Probably two bad moves but I only have two wins and in desperation mode. Figure if one of them hits then it helps and who I drop will help someone else but I probably wouldn’t start Harris over the other guys I have.

Herbert is the safer ROS play. Cam has a higher Ceiling… I had to face the same decision and ended up dropping Cam. It wasn’t easy but this past week was almost a disaster for Cam, granted he had just about as much go wrong as possible. And I feel like it should be said that if the Pats can land a big time WR before the deadline, you will almost definitely want Cam over Herbert.