Here is what a week 17 Super Bowl contender looks like

Feast your eyes on what you end up starting in a week 17 Super Bowl. Its been 19 years and this is my best roster entering the big game. 10 man, STD scoring. WIsh me luck :slight_smile:

Matt Ryan
Joe Mix
Damien WIlliams
Antonio Brown
Keenan Allen
Robbie Anderson
Jason Myers
Chicago Defense


Dak Prescott/Trubisky
Justin Tucker
Rams Defense

Hey there buddy…TBH…don’t remember how the standard scoring format works at the moment since haven’t done that in our league for years…AND…we’re done by week 17 in my league…but…LOL…been a long Christmas Holiday over the past several days and have had a “few” (LOL…that’s putting it mildly…cocktails today and into the night…and fixin’ to shut down), but…still…even in my “fuzzy” :wink: state wanted to try to offer some sort of feedback here since you haven’t had any responses.

I really think Ryan is on fire…Truby….(got him myself…he’s been fading these past few weeks…BUT…watch out…really thinking he’s gonna pour it on for the play offs. Might be wrong…just a feeling!!!)

Picked up Williams this past week to get me pts since my Gurley wasn’t expected to play…he made me 25 PPR pts.

AB speaks for himself…and CHI is just ON FIRE this year!!!

For what it’s worth…I think you’re looking good…but…LOL…I thought I was too. (Soooo…LOL…maybe I’m not one to advise you at the moment!!!) Made it to our league’s SB…but went down!!! GRRRRR

I had Russell Wilson, Dav Adams, Evans, Chubb, Damien Williams, Lockett!!! What’s that tell ya??? LOL…this time of year…hard to count on your GOLD!!! but…

ANYWAY…best of luck to you buddy!!! Always love to see a fellow CLAN CO-HORT take the TITLE!!! :joy: :joy: :joy:

Thanks for the response! Last week I had Lindsay who only needed 20 yards rec/rush to clinch a Super Bowl spot and barely got it. What a wonderful feeling it is to play in the biggest game of the year, its what we all are trying to do. In a week 17 Super Bowl we have to prepare for the teams that sit players due to playoff clinches. I am the commissioner and have brought up numerous times to have a week 16 Super Bowl but in the past 19 years it gets voted down and the number one reason is “its a extra week of fantasy football”. Oh well, I have never won the big game and I am here to tell you guys that this pod cast has made me smarter, quicker to the free agent list and provided more in depth statistics the other guys just don’t seem to cover. I don’t want opinions when doing research, I want the probabilities of the chances a player has against certain defenses. Thanks Foot Clan for everything you do for us and look forward to another cool podcast when I get off work tonight

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