Here lies my fantasy team. Week 1 - Week 7. RIP

Here’s how my draft went…

QB: Stafford (Meh)
RB: Fournette (Injured) Gordon (Carried me for weeks, now injured) Ajayi (Injured) Hyde (Up and down, now in a time share) Mack (Injured, now in a time share)
WR: Evans (Inconsistent) Hilton (Inconsistent, Injured) Baldwin (Injured, now in a mundane passing offense) Lockett (See Baldwin)
TE: Reed (Rule 86 no longer applies)
D/ST: Who cares
K: Doesn’t matter

Waivers pick ups have been less than stellar. Amazingly, still have a better record than Jason.

Anyone have it worse? I’d love to see.

In one of my leagues my running backs are/were:

Devonta Freeman
Marshawn Lynch
Royce freeman
Carlos Hyde

I had to pick up Henry this morning and it made me upset

Hey me too!

Fournette, Gordon, Evans, Hilton, mack, then add Engram, Allison, and Cooper.

Currently watching the Titans game. Henry is having his best game! You might get 10 points hahaha I’m so sorry.

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Your pain. I feel it. I was so hyped after the draft. NAILED IT.

Leg injury, leg injury, leg injury, leg injury…

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