Here we go again

Got the alert today that Antonio Brown is meeting with the NFL on Wednesday to try and get this whole thing resolved. Included in the report was that there are a number of teams that want to sign him pending the meeting. So, is there anyone on my team I should drop to stash AB? Or keep my handcuffs and bench how it is?

Just read some news on it you seem to have plenty of space id drop one of the handcuffs to stash him. If he lands somewhere prior to the playoffs everyone will be in a mad dash to try and scoop him. wish I had the space to do it

wow thats umm well i guess not that unexpected lol

Haha well then…

personally I believe the league is not going to allow him to play ROS…all the shit talking he does about the NFL and ownership gives them no reason to allow him anything. In a keeper league I would pick him up but redraft naw im good.