Here we go! trade gurley or montgomery for green?

The AJ Green owner approached be about trading one of my RBs straight up for AJ Green.

What are your thoughts? 12 Team, PPR, I’m Currently 3-0. So it would probably be TY Montgomery or Todd Gurley for AJ Green.

QB: Carson Palmer / Andrew Luck
RBs: Kareem Hunt, Todd Gurley, TY Montgomery, Derrick Henry, D’onta Formeman, Samaje Perine
WRs: Jordy Nelson, Steffon Diggs, Devante Parker, Martavis Bryant,
TEs: Charles Clay

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I like TY, but I wouldn’t start him over Gurley/Hunt usually. Just because of situation and usage. I feel like TY has an injury in his future.

Go Ty for AJ.

I dunno man. I don’t like the trade. Looking at your roster I think you’re fine without the trade. Guessing you have a flex spot in which I’d roll all 3 of your RB’s. You have solid WR’s already in Nelson, Diggs and Bryant. Is AJ an upgrade over one of them? Probably… but not a huge one and the loss of TY or Gurley makes you dangerously thin at RB. I don’t see a huge benefit here for you.


Welp, I did have a feeling TY was going to get injured.

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Yeah that killed my team this week. Had a guy offer me a trade for him 20 mins before the game that I turned down. Hoping he’s only out 3-4 weeks at most.

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Depending on the severity of the fracture he may not miss time at all, but that is really optimistic. Recovery time is 0-6 weeks.

Yeah waiting to hear. Thanksfully I have Lev Bell and Ajayi still but that really limits my Flex spot options.

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