Here's my Championship Matchup... Who do you think wins? (ScreenShot Included)

#1 seed vs #2 seed… Half Point PPR, I’m the team on the left

Who do you think wins?
Do you have any line up suggestions for me? any help is much appreciated…

Good luck this weekend FootClan… LETS GET THEM CHICKEN DINNERS!!!

Good luck man! I think it’ll be close. Starting Fournette makes my stomach hurt but you got no choice. Gotta hope his RBs stink it up. GO GET THAT CHICKEN DINNER!

Yeah I had Aaron jones who I would have played… But i dont really have a choice i think… I could sit him and play golladay or Mike williams but that makes me feel uncomfortable too lol

if Ware plays and is healthy i’d play him instead of Fournette. I always side with the better offense.

Team on the right wins IMO.

I dont like Lenny either. Not a great player and Jags suck.
If Conner doesn’t make it, would you consider Samuels instead of Lenny? I know you’d have to make the call before Lenny plays the early game but hopefully we’ll have news on Conner soon

I think your opponent has a slight edge, but it’s like 55/45. Hope you get it, you’ve got a nice team.