Herndon ros comparables

Anyone feel like Herndon could jump up into the TE landscape kinda like Hunter did or is Hunter just a better talent. With so few TE worth anything i have a space to potentially take him away and have ertz whos been struggling. Could use that spot for a few others just dont know anything about Herndon

Herndon statistically isn’t a freak athlete like a howard, kittle or Waller. Last year darnold targeted him a bunch. Obviously this is prior to having crowder and lev bell. With the wasteland that is the TE position I’d be fine taking a flier on Herndon and seeing if he goes back to being darnolds shallow field target of choice.

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Absolutely grab Herndon

care to give reason behind why you sound so confident?

Because he helped me win my Chip last year. And because I listen to the FF’ers daily and I win because I (generally) listen to them :slight_smile:

I started listening to these guys in 2017 and since then, I’ve won the Chip in '17, '18 and this season I’m 6-1 thus far. I owe it all to listening to Mike, Jason & Andy :+1:

He’s just available in all 3 of my leagues and like i said i really know nothing about the dude. You think hes the new number one target when health for the jets?

I do not have the numbers of target share last season, but he was highly targeted. I’m guessing not as much as Robbie Anderson was, but he and Darnold had a lot of chemistry.

Alright im gonna take the shot and at least cover him up from others getting him. thanks man

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Even if he doesn’t end up being everything you wanted he will most likely have great trade value after showcasing that he is part of the offense.

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