Hesitant about Clement

Should I play Clement tonight over Marshawn Lynch/Sammy Watkins this weekend? Or should I wait and see how the Eagles backfield plays out? Full PPR league.

IM in the same boat this game could be a big one tho it’s raining and he’s the best guy see what philly does

I would play Marshawn.

I’m kind of in the same boat I have Marshawn and Clemente. I have an offer for his TY Hilton for my Marshawn Lynch. I am hesitant to accept but will probably do it this weekend. So I have to play Clemente in my flex over Marshawn. Long story short, If this wasn’t happening I would play Marshawn over both them

I’m playing him but I’m slightly skeptical. I think his floor is 6-7 pts but he could be very productive. Also, I really liked Jason’s point he made earlier this week on the podcast saying how nice it is to get a look at what moves you need to make in your lineup based off of how Thursday played out.

Would you guys trade Marshawn for ty Hilton?.5ppr

Would you play Clement over Watkins? Idk how I feel about the NE matchup. Belichick always tries to take away one option of the offense but Watkins has a high ceiling. I’m not sure what Clement’s ceiling is.

It’s also going to be raining in NY tonight

Fox Broadcast says Clement is on a pitch count get him out of your lineup!

any idea what the percentage is?