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Hey everyone! Starting up a new league 10 team .5 PPR $20 entry


1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 Flex
1 Kicker
5 Bench
1 I.R.

Payment is through LeagueSafe. Hit me up if interested:)


If there is an open spot left i would be interested in joining. clark3.jt@gmail.com, Thanks


Welcome! I just sent out the invite. Ill send you out the leaguesafe link as well.


interested. Benalobello@gmail.com


I’m interested if there is an open spot. itsraph.mt@gmail.com


I would be interested especially if drafting tonight brummk108@gmail.com


I’m interested jasonring.ring@yahoo.com The draft would have to be after 10 for me.


danielnmilton@gmail.com - interested


I’d be interested if there’s still a slot available! cassidyfahey@gmail.com


I’m interested if a spot is available. river_a35@hotmail.com


me and a mate are in if there are spots. He’s in meetings all day but is keen. samcnielsen@gmail.com jjarthur8789@gmail.com


Are there any more spots? Very interested. Email me at regireginato97@gmail.com