Hey Footclan, help me assess my keepers and what should I do with #1 pick

Hey #Footclan,

So my league is 8 Team Full PPR, 2QB, 3RB, 3WR, 2Flex, 1TE with 3 keepers every year.

So basically I am keeping:

  • Baker in the 20th round
  • Damien Williams in the 19th round
  • Kirk in the 18th (Would Guice in the 13th be better)

Now, Since my keeper RB carries a lot of risk, I wanted to go with the safest option at #1 overall and I cannot seem to convince myself about Saquon at 1. Even though he was “generationally” great last year, he is not the safest pick since their offense lost their best player(or 2nd best), Eli is another year older, there might be a QB change in the middle of the season, his workload may be too high(I know we can’t predict injuries), plus sophomore slump might be a thing(I personally don’t buy into it).

So am I overthinking it? Or do I have legit concerns? I am right now leaning towards Kamara(and picking up Murray at the 8/9 turn), or if Zeke returns before my draft then it would be an easy decision.

Please share your thoughts #Footclan and prevent me from going mad lol.

Definitely keep Kirk in the 18th over Guice in 13th. Guice is a great dynasty hold but not going to add much to your team this year.

Regarding risk of Barkley, that stuff is blown way out of proportion. He is too talented and will get too much opportunity for it to matter. He’s going to see 350 touches and flirt with 100 receptions given he’s in all likelihood the best receiver on the team. In fantasy, opportunity is king and no one will see more opportunity than Barkley. The O line has improved from last season as well. Sophmore slump applies to RBs who lack talent. If you look at all the elite RBs, sophmore slump concept doesn’t apply. Zeke, Kamara, CMC, Hunt, etc. You’re overthinking this thing. I have CMC, Barkley, Kamara in the same tier. If CMC is available and you’re really that worried, take CMC. But personally still take Barkley over Kamara cause Barkley’s floor is just insanely high. If you really want to take kamara, wouldn’t be the worst decision but he just doesn’t have the same floor imo.

I would keep Kirk over Guice as well.

As for the #1 - Questions surrounding Zeke are scary. I agree and have the same concerns about the Giants even though Barkley is a beast. If I were in your shoes, I would be tempted to pick McCaffrey in Full PPR.