Hey #FootClan. Yahoo is nuts right?

12 team non-PPR TD heavy league. 6 point tds, 1 for every 50y pass, 1 for every 25y rush/rec

Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 W/T

Used the UDK and stuck to the tier based team, i loved my team after the draft but Yahoo gave me a D- report card. Is Yahoo out of their mind???

QB: Rivers, Tyrod, Luck
RB: Fournette, J Howard, Lynch
WR/TE: Fitzgerald, Marvin Jones, Evan Engram, Robby Anderson, Agholor, K Benjamin, K Cole, Randall Cobb.

I would say… not quite nuts.

I personally:

  • would not roster three QBs in a 1 QB league
  • would roster more than 3 RBs

I could see how this might affect a programmatic grade.

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I’m not sure about yahoo but I feel like most sites grade you based on your picks vs. the player’s ADP. I’ve played on NFL.com the past several years and I’m pretty sure that’s how they did it. Last year they gave me like a C I think and projected me to not win a single game and I finished 1st in regular season and Runner-Up in championship, so…

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I don’t put much stock into Yahoo rankings, ADP, and automated insights, but agree with above comments. 3QBs is nuts!

You failed the draft cause you have as many QBs as you do RBs.

You are one injury away from your season being over.

Also, looking at what you drafted, likely from later position given fournette, I’m kind of surprised to see you don’t really have a 2nd round talent on your team. Someone that would have gone in the early 2nd as your draft position suggests.

@MikeMeUpp Jordan Howard?

I view jordan howard as an early 3rd, or late 2nd at the earliest. I don’t view him as an early 2nd round pick which is where I am assuming this guy picked given fournette was his 1st round pick.

If you’re picking in the early 2nd, should’ve locked down someone better than that.

My draft position was 6. Dont like Kamara in TD heavy league. round #2 was howard. top 3 teir WRs where all gone. Howard was teir 3 RB.

I see that makes more sense. That’s fine then I guess.

But you still have 3 QBs which makes no sense. You have like no depth at RB. I would start dropping QBs and getting depth at RB asap. That’s why you failed the draft.

I normally don’t give a crap about yahoo rankings at all, but in this instance, that is where you are severely lacking.

Tyrod (my 3rd QB) was very last pick of the draft. eally wasnt much left and figured he would be my first drop

Thanks a ton for all the input guys. I have 4 more drafts coming up, all at either the 2 or 3 draft slot. where most of my research has been based on. This 6 threw me for a loop.

Given the Colt O-line’s turnstile impersonation of the past few weeks, I don’t blame you for grabbing some QB insurance at the end of your draft. Luck could break in half and soon, but if he doesn’t, that O-line’s play doesn’t exactly help his fantasy production, does it? Plus, Andy’s all high on Taylor – though I’m not has high on hm as Andy, he presents good reasons for it. So if that was the most attractive pick after you had pretty much set your team, then why not go for it?

These draft grade websites – yahoo included – rely on simplistic algorithms. Everyone here who is saying that your low grade is because of the numbers of players at each position is right.

I like your team, but like everyone else here is saying, you do need more RBs. I love the Fournette, Howard, Lynch trifecta. You got value for Howard at 2.7. His ADP is 2.4. And you’ve got a good – not great, but pretty darned good – bunch of pass catchers. So I can see why you were stoked with this team before you got your yahoo grade.

It seems a shame to release any one of these guys just to pick up a low level RB for the sake of having more than 3.

Personally, I would first identify the guy I would drop if RB depth became available (either Tyrod or one of those WRs at the end of your bench). Then I’d make sure there’s no low-hanging-RB fruit on the waiver wire (Powell was available in one of my leagues last week…surprised me). If there isn’t, then I’d take a wait-and-see approach. A couple / three weeks of regular season football might clarify which guy to drop and which RB you want to claim.

You were ready to roll with this team until Yahoo gave you a D. While you do need to tweak it, it’s a really good start on a good season.

Thanks a ton for your response! greatly appreciated!!

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