Hi guys Pettis or dj moore Trade!

The guy who offered me 1.07 and Washington for DJ moore now offers me 1.07 and pettis for dj moore.

I think Pettis is also a wr1 just as Moore is. I think Moore is a better receiver but in decent spot. And pettis is a Wr1 in a good spot. What you guys think?

Trade DJ moore for 1.07 and Dante pettis?

I think its pretty much whatever your taste is. The 1.07 is basically irrelevant, whoever you take will probably take a year or two to do anything; so, I see it as a Pettis for Moore trade. Both guys have good and young enough QBs. Both should be on mid-level offenses with mid-level defenses. Both should be the #1 options; but, have to compete for targets. Moore has CMC; and, Samuel could, I don’t think will, but could be the first look for Cam. Pettis’ version of CMC is Kittle; and, Deebo or Goodwin has a chance, equally unlikely, to be the first look. Everything about these two guys is eerily similar aside from 1 thing.
If both guys do break out and become the 1st look, Moore is more of a PPR/possession WR and Pettis can have more big plays. Both guys, if they become the 1 will be safe and have big games; but, Pettis is more likely to have more big games because of his special team style break away ability. However, because of a smaller frame, Pettis could be more injury prone.
I have both guys ranked similarly in redraft and dynasty; so, I would say go with the guy you like more.

Hi Michael
I think you make some real solid points about Moore and Pettis. I also think they er pretty even. It’s a standard league(non ppr) so pettis is ahead.

But you saying the 1.07 is irrelevant is kinda well I dont know haha. How is it irrelevant? I mean its value Paris Campbell maybe. Isn’t it a quick accept then.

This is a quick accept for me. Smash that button! I like Pettis a lot this year. Watch the Ballers Podcast during their Chicago show. All three agreed that Pettis is a breakout candidate this season. On top of that you get the 1.07, which does hold value.

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Already did haha. BAM iam super stoked

Irrelevant for this year and maybe next. Other than Michael Thomas, Mike Evans, and JuJu, rookie WRs normally take 2-3 years to do anything fantasy relevant. Yes, Campbell, Hardman, Metcalf, etc all could produce in a couple years; but, for this upcoming year and maybe next, they will more likely than not be bench stashes.

Sure that’s right. Roster is going from 21 to 25 so enough bench spots hehe.

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Calvin Ridley finished in the top 20 for WR last season ahead of guys like Golladay, Edelman, Alshon, AJ Green, Allen Robinson. DJ Moore had a good season too ahead of Green and Robinson as well.

Not to mention guys like Courtland Sutton, Antonio Callaway, Anthony Miller, Dante Pettis & Christian Kirk. They may not have been your WR1 but are capable of streamlining against good matchups and could get you 12-18 points a game.

Unless @michael_pounders is playing in a 8-team league, rookie WRs are relevant and are more than bench stashes.

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If Pettis for Moore is kind of lateral then acquiring a future asset makes this a solid trade.

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I think Moore going in the first round gives him this heir of inevitability, but despite losing Garoppolo, not being involved in the offense until late in the season, and being the 2nd passing option behind Kittle, Pettis put together a pretty solid 2nd half.

I think he has just as much opportunity in 2019 as Moore does, and neither guy is a make or break fantasy asset this year, so I’d make the trade. I understand that from others, the perspective is that getting an asset at 1.07 that’s likely a year or two away from being impactful, but even if Pettis for Moore is more lateral, I think the asset makes this a win for you.

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Love moore. But even still, don’t think I could pass up on a deal this good. Sounds like the pounders dude doesn’t know how to play dynasty but to suggest the 1.07 holds no value is kind of absurd.


Yeah. Its crazy, I didnt get the point either. Thanks Mike

I think he just meant in the near-term, not overall when looking at (likely) a rookie WR. I might not agree with it, but I can see where he is coming from.

That said, I like Pettis quite a bit but I am far more in on Moore. I think he has a chance to truly elevate over the course of his career. I am not sure Pettis has the same upside. But I am looking at solid WR2 (Pettis) to WR2/low-end WR1 (Moore). To me, the 1.07 levels the offer. I would take the WR you like most.

I would go Moore, but that is just preference over a firm stance on who is better.

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Sure he probably ment that. But still when it’s about a trade it holds alot of value. It should he Paris Campbell, m brown or even Metcalf or Harry in my league. There are a view Pat’s haters and RB needy teams in front of me

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Completely. Just because it might not mean anything immediately, it is still a quality lottery ticket for a player to pay dividends the next couple seasons. I agree with those potentials. Campbell would be a huge get. Maybe even AJ Brown (I really like him) depending on how people view TEN this year?

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