Higbee or Hollister

Higbee @ SF - been a beast the last 3 weeks
Hollister vs. Ari - dream matchup

Picked up Hollister specifically for this matchup weeks ago, but Higbee has been dominating. Can I really bench Higbee at this point? On the other hand, Arizona even gave up 2 TDs to Ricky Seals-Jones. What do I do??

I would go with Higbee, I understand your dilemma, but with Arizona being so bad all around, Seattle is gonna be able to do what they like to do, run it and run it often, and if they go up by 17 points midway through the 2nd quarter then they are gonna shy away from a pass heavy approach. Now Arizona may be able to keep up which would keep it competitive, but if Carson is ripping off 7-10 yards per carry their gonna go with the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” philosophy. Now it is a gamble, Arizona is just plain pathetic when it comes to covering the TE so he may be more involved than I think, but I also think the game script for the Rams/49ers game is gonna be Jared Goff scrambling constantly and checking down to Higbee and Gurley. Higbee has solidified his spot on the field and him and Goff have a real connection (33 targets since week 13). So I would go with the game where the TE is more likely to be depended on because the defense takes away the run and the deep ball. I’d go with Higbee for a safe floor, but Hollister may very well score a TD on your bench. Hard decision but I lean Higbee.