Higbee Owners

What is everyone doing about Higbee? I have him and Roberts but there isnt much left on waivers for the TE spot but he is killing me right now!

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Curious to this as well. I think i want to sit pat and ride it out a couple more weeks but i’m also exploring trade opportunities, although outside of the Kelce/Waller i’m not even sure who’s worth targeting.

Best option on waiver is Njoku, thought that might work with Landry out but then you have OBJ coming back…unfortunately this league they don’t trade much which is stupid bjt anyways I’ll prob ride out Higbee, he was a breakout player supposedly so he has something there for they guys to place him in that category

I’ve been working on a Kittle or Goedart trade, it looks like it would be kittle if I get either of them. Im starting to think the premium on a decent TE is too high for trading, in which case it would be the painstakingly tedious task of trying to find a serviceable diamond in the rough off of waivers which might be hard till we get into the middle of the season or injuries start cropping up around the league

Higbee will be a mid to low TE1 all season. He seems to be TD dependent in this offense. I have him rostered in 2 leagues. I just take my lumps. Any trade for Kelce or Waller is too much and most Kittle owners in my leagues dont want to sell low at this point. I hate the position and will take my lumps.

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Everyone wants to get rid of Kickers but realistically we should remove the TE position from fantasy, if you dont have a stud you’re, like you said, just taking your lumps weekly


Traded him! But could see him having good games. I’d try to package him with someone else once he has a decent week because there are just too many weapons in LA

Higbee runs a lot of routes and is on the field for 100% snaps. Easy keep and start.

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Exactly this. Outside of Kelce all tight ends have bad games. Higbee is running routes. He’s a above average pass catcher who is on the field. Unfortunately, his workout metrics aren’t crazy off the charts like a Waller, kittle, hockenson etc. he will be fine but don’t expect a top 4 finish