Higgins or Marqise Lee - full PPR - rest of season?

Right now, Lee is on the waiver, I can pick him up but would have to drop Higgins. I wouldn’t play either this week, but I am curious at the prospect for either for the rest of the season. Any thoughts?


I would go Lee.

That’s the way I’m leaning too. It seems Lee will be getting more targets, but in the back of my mind, there’s a voice that keeps saying Higgins will explode at some point.

So far, +1 for Lee. Thanks

I can’t believe this subject is up for discussion. I have been considering this EXACT move!!! Since I’m torn about it as much as you are seth_littlefield, I’m afraid I’m not gonna be much help in offering any suggestions. But I’m definitely interested in further posts. So…if you don’t mind seth_littlefield I’ll just kinda hang around and see what comes up. Thanks buddy. GREAT QUESTION!!!

Well, I went with Lee. I think he will be seeing even more targets throughout this season. Higgins - not so much.

I hope I don’t eat my words later. :no_mouth:

LOL…I know seth_littlefield. That’s me to a tee!!! The way my season’s been going so far…I sit somebody, they clean house, I play 'em, they choke…I drop somebody, they bust out, I grab somebody off the WW, they suddenly get quiet!!!

I’ve got Rishard sitting patiently on my bench. Just as soon as I drop him, he’ll break records left and right and somebody on my league will get to him before I can!!! LOLOL…such is life in Fantasy Land!!! But did I mention that "I FLIPPING HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE FANTASY FOOTBALL??? (And that’s the “condensed” version so far this year!!!) LOLOL