HIGH activity Dynasty NBA League

Comment below if interested, and i will message you some questions relating to the league

Hey Everyone. I’m looking for 11 other highly active, FRIENDLY footclan members to join me in creating a dynasty NBA league. I plan to be reasonably picky with who I allow in, My goal is to have a league last 10 years, a difficult, but possible accomplishment should we get the best members. Heres some bulletpoints, and the link to the leagues Bylaws, which are being finalized in the next couple of days. the bylaws are extensive, which i think is vital to a quality league.

A. $20 entry fee, with this and next year paid up front ($40)
B. Money platform is Leaguesafe
C. Scoring format is a total number system. Points, rebounds, assists steals and blocks are all assigned a points value.
D. Schedule is head to head, with each owner setting their lineup, and selecting one game per week for each player to count towards the scoring total
E. JACKPOT league. Some of the entry fee is held back, and put into a jackpot, which is awarded to an owner who wins the championship two seasons consecutively