High-Caliber Dynasty Trade

Would you trade away a 2020 1st and Robert Woods for AB? Also trying to flip AB in the end straight up for Dalvin Cook, but wouldn’t mind if that trade doesn’t work in the end.

RBs: Gurley, Kerryon, Sanders, R. Freeman, R. Jones III

WRs: MT, Juju, Mike Evans, Woods, Miller, Allison, Crowder, Sutton, Arcega-Whiteside

Are you the AB ower or trying to get him?

Wouldn’t trade Woods and a 1st for AB. AB was better than Woods in Pitt, but you have to remember he is going to be catching passes from Derek Carr, who is still overrated in my opinion. I think he will definitely take a step back and be pretty similar to Woods, but not as consistent, plus then you give up a first round pick too. Just my two cents.

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Trying to get him.

I wouldn’t do that trade for AB. On a worse team, has off the field issues, and is 4 years older. Try and offer that AB deal for Cooks instead if you want him

I don’t think I’d give all that up for a very slight upgrade (if any upgrade) at WR. I don’t care about the age given I’m gonna be competing for the championship if my guys stay healthy **knock on wood