High end trade

I’m trying to get Lev Bell. The guy wants Gronk and Hyde.
My RBs
Hyde, Gordon, Shady, McCaffery.l, McKinnon
Gronk, Brate
Standard league so would y’all do it!!!

You have good rb depth-do you really need to do this trade? got a good team-

Yep your getting the better player

EASY CALL! GO FOR IT. gronk always an injury risk

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I dont think i would. yes Bell is the best player in the trade. but right now you are basically starting 2 top 8 rbs already. and a top 1 te. if you make the trade you have 3 top 8s. and a bit of hit or miss te.

I say go for it as well. you would have three solid solid starters. Brate is a good backup to have. I would be trading McKinnon and mccaffery for a solid WR after if you don’t have one.

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Lol do it immediately. You have brate… Just do it this trade puts you miles ahead any other team

Hmmm idk dude. If Greg Olsen is on your waiver wire- then hell yes. Get rid of Gronk, get solid TE production from week 12 on with Olsen and take Shady Gordon and Bell to the championship. Otherwise I don’t know man. That’s a tough one.

do you have a flex or 3 rb slots to play? that matters too.

Or even try to work a package for a top 5 te. Ertz kelce might not happen, but see perhaps reed or Engram

Man you folks are awesome. Thank you. I sent the trade in so I’m waiting on him. I do play a flex RB so I think it’ll work. Then I can pick up Olsen to stash. Brate should do fine I think. I even seen Jimmy Graham on the waiver for some reason so I can grab him too if that works.
Thanks again. I love this forum.

Ya with all of that information i think you make the trade. and i was one that was slightly opposed to begin with.

Graham was a guy I almost suggested trading for. He would be a good get, or the olsen stash. Russell Wilson is typically a better second half qb so that would help boost Graham’s production.