High Floor Flex

Full point PPR, I’ve maneuvered myself into a good team this season, but I’d like to know if you think I should make a move for a high floor flex or just stay put with my depth.

QB: Dak
RB: Bell, Zeke, Ingram, Carson, Duke J, Crowell, Conner
WE: OBJ, Tate, Parker, Snead
TE: Clay (stream)

Would you want to package say Ingram/Parker for a higher floor flex like DT? Or would you want to keep the RB depth for dire times (for me or others and sell at a premium)

Thanks in advance

I actually think you have a high floor flex on your roster: Ingram. I also think Parker could be a great flex. Here’s a thought try packaging Carson and Snead. They both have a good deal of hype right now, and I’m not convinced either deserves it.

This team in general looks very, very strong. I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to make a big change.

Yea I think Ingram is somewhat high floor, but his ceiling basically = his floor as well. I think I’m just skiddish on Parker b/c of injury history.

That’s fair. You’re probably about right on Ingram unless the usage starts to change. I think AP is likely not going to be very involved in the very near future, and of that’s true, I think Ingram has an outside shot at being a high end RB2 again (He’s been a low end 1 the last two seasons).