High profile trade(dynasty)

Hi everyone,

I need some help i got a opportunity tot get OBJ, league mate is in rebuild mode and has OBJ i want to win now(I think).

My team:
QB: Baker,Goff
Wr: A.brown,diggs,woods, ridley, gallup, keke and devante parker.
RB: Kamara, Freeman, A.jones, D’onte foreman, Collins and ballage.
TE: Engram,Gesicki

The bid now is that i give him Ridley and Gallup and i get OBJ.

I think with obj I am in win now for sure! But i give in on my future with giving up ridley and gallup. Is obj that big of a diffrence if i want to win now?

We have to start 1QB,1RB,2WR,1TE and 2flex spots.

I have 1.12 this year and no 1st anymore for 2020.

Already thanks!!

If they will take Gallup and Ridley for OBJ do it and do it ASAP that is absolute robbery and based on your roster you will be set up now and for several years if not more. The whole core of your team is pretty young bar AB but i’d pull the trigger on Gallup and Ridley for OBJ very quickly.

Also just for reference is that Devonta Freeman or Royce Freeman? Either way - starting Baker/Goff and then Kamara and Jones with AB, OBJ, Diggs and Woods plus Engram is an incredibly stacked line up


Wow thanks for the quick response, is devonte Freeman to be clear.
If the obj trade wont go true should i try and trade for another wr with gallup and ridley. For lets say davante adams, michael thomas, hopkins or??

Even better you are well set up, if he is healthy he should bounce back to form with the OC change in Atlanta.

If someone will accept Gallup and Ridley for any of those WRs i would do it in a heart beat, i’d add my first round pick as well if needed you are giving very little and getting a rock solid stud WR1. OBJ, Hopkins, Adams, Julio would be my dynasty top 4 based on QB situation as well with MT likely to lose Brees sooner rather than later.

I’d speak to that rebuilding OBJ owner and ask if Gallup, Ridley and a first round pick (if needed) would do the job to get him. Rebuilding owners usually have to move some assets if they are in full rebuild mode so it’s worth a try. As a value though it is wildly in your favour if they accepted even if you lost the first rounder - you wont get anything close to OBJ in the rookie draft after all

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Another way to go may be to offer AB and Gallup plus a 2nd rounder for OBJ. Yes you lose AB but you get a younger WR1 in a better set up who is equal if not better in talent to AB and you keep Ridley if he continues to develop. The rebuilding owner gets more draft picks, a proven player and a solid enough young player.

Both would be options i would be okay with, ideally keeping AB to win now and for a couple of years would be the best outcome for you but getting OBJ for a lower price isn’t to be passed up

Iam talking to the owner of Adams and the owner of obj right now.
I rather hold on to AB, just got him, and i now for a fact that the obj owner is not in to AB.

The adams owner is a falcons fan and big time believer in Ridley. So i will try getting Adams from him for the some deal as i would get obj.

Really thanks for the reply’s helping allot

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No worries and those points you make are the good examples of knowing your league mates well! If you can Adams or OBJ for that first deal then serious props to you my friend!

Good luck and let me know how you get on :+1:t2:

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No one in their right mind is giving up a top 5 WR for that offer. That’s VERY far away.

Thanks, I will for sure let you know!

You realize Gallup is 23, Ridley 24 and OBJ 26. You are NOT giving up your future, you are absolutely stealing OBJ for pennies on the dollar.

You should do these trades if they’re available. But you should also be actively looking for new leagues if they are in my opinion

Just another thought of becoming a contender. What if i can trade ridley and a first for julio is that a wise trade?

Still talking to the obj owner and were now at a point where ridley en gallup with 2 1st might get the deal done, to much or still good?
Their probs both 1.10 1.12 picks considering i will end up in the top 4 of the league

Personally I don’t have any issue with the two firsts for OBJ you would have so much talent at young ages it won’t effect you negatively.

Julio trade of Gallup and a first would be my choice there I’d rather keep his heir apparent.

Yeah i would do the obj with 2 1st for sure. I dont think the julio owner would go for Gallup he want Ridley really bad. Is it to much than, iam worried about how long Julio will stay productive.

Julio will be productive but OBJ is the better dynasty asset as he has far longer left and with a good QB

Do ridley and Gallup immediately. This is not even a question IMHO. Get OBJ!

Still working on it. Its now ridley,gallup,1.12(2019) and 1st 2021. He is really thinking about it, said it was am awesome offer.

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The two firsts are not an issue to me. Maybe he would add his 2020 2nd? Him saying no is not a deal breaker in the trade, but if you can get it why not ask?

No true, well i let him think and hope he bites! Would make my team though to beat!

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