High Rollers Dynasty Football League Startup (Sleeper, PPR, TE Premium, Superflex, Slow Draft, Snake, Leaguesafe, $100/year, $200 upfront for 2021 & 2022)


I am doing a sleeper superflex dynasty fantasy football startup league. The startup draft will include all players. Please see below for full league details. Email me at ruthlessbeastx@gmail.com if interested or respond down below for invite with your email.

Scoring: Standard PPR, TE Premium (+0.5), INTs -2.

Rosters: QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE/Flex/Flex/SuperFlex/15 Bench/2 IR/5 Taxi (eligible for 2 years). No defense or kickers.

Waivers: FAAB, daily waivers, process every night at midnight PST. $200 limit.

Startup Draft: Slow draft (8 hour picks, will start when everyone has joined and paid). Order will be randomized right before the draft and everyone has joined/paid. Trading is allowed. The timer will be stopped each night and restarted in the morning. Any trades that affect the 2023 season or beyond, both teams must make upfront payment for those seasons.

Rookie Drafts: The first rookie only draft will take place after June 1st in 2022. All future rookie drafts will also take place after June 1st. That is because yearly dues will be due by June 1st and gives any possible new orphan owners a chance to participate in that year’s rookie draft. Rookie drafts will be 4 rounds, linear like the NFL.

Dues & Payouts: Upfront amount due is $200 to cover both the 2021 & 2022 seasons. After that the yearly dues are $100 by June 1st for a year in advance.


1st: $650
2nd: $300
3rd: $100
Most Regular Season Points Forced: $150

Playoffs: Weeks 15-17 for 2021 (last regular season week of the NFL will not be the championship week), top 6 teams, one week per round, re-seed like the NFL, toilet bowl lower bracket.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. The league’s bylaws will be emailed upon joining.

Thank you.

Interested. How many owners/teams? cah102984@gmail.com


At the moment I actually have not tossed out any invites. I have had 5-6 people show interest but I haven’t pulled the trigger on invites yet. I am still experimenting on whether I should do full ppr or half ppr, and whether or not to remove one of the standard flex spots.

My main focus is trying to find that balance where 1 or 2 positions aren’t the league’s only focus because of the PPR benefits.