High Rollers- Startup Empire Dynasty Superflex DEEP- Serious players please!


** Thank you so much for your interest! We will be running another startup after the NFL Draft- and will be considering all applicants for that league that continue to come through. Anyone that has sent a PM since over the weekend I have added you to the Waitlist as well. Thank you again for your interest! **

Hey guys!
I am rolling out another Startup for our successful Dynasty leagues! This one will be a VERY Deep ( 30 active roster, 6 Taxi squad, 4 IR slot league.

  • 12 Team
  • Superflex
  • Tiered PPR
  • TE Premium
  • WR Bonus
  • Dynasty Empire Pot ( for back to back champs getting cumulative jackpot)
  • $800 Payout to 1st
  • All funds are managed through league Safe

Looking for a few active, knowledgable, and obsessed owners to hold some spots in the league. Activity and responses are important in our leagues as we want to have the most fun leagues out there. I Commish and run other dynasty leagues as well in the industry and they have been extremely successful. We have on average over 50 trades prior and during the drafts and continue active all year round through our chat and trades happening at least 1-2 times per week even in the offseason. League owners are selected carefully to ensure healthy long leagues.

This is for more serious players and a higher buy-in of $150. If interested PM me a brief summary of your experience and interest. I love our leagues we run and hope you join us and you will too! Talk soon!

Shot you an e-mail. This league sounds perfect for me.


This league did sound perfect, until there were about 20 warning red flags that the commish was abusing every chance he got from making egregiously nonsensical pre-draft trades (Traded his 2.10, 3.08, 7.06 for 1.11, 3.10, 5.10 and 3rd round rookie to his other team or some sucker), refused to let anyone discuss the validity of these trades in the group chat like a communist dictator and person who’s trying to manipulate others would. He wins the “random” lottery, refuses to answer any of your concerns and speaks to you in a demeaning condescending tone if you question anything about his actions or the league. He lies in his league document about working for rotoballer and playerprofiler when in fact he doesn’t work for either. He then deletes any comments he’s made that make him look bad later on after he realizes he’s messed up. I’ve messaged the ballers on patreon about this and hope it is dealt with soon. Do not trust this commisioner.

Thanks Keith- we got you!

Spots still available- PM me for more details!

Sent an email your way. Thanks man

Need just a couple more owners to fill the league. If interested please PM with a brief little bit about yourself. Thanks!