High stakes leagues

i’m looking to join a high stakes re draft or keeper league, and what i mean by high stakes, is anywhere from 100$ to 500$ would be fine with me, as long as it’s fun and also, very competitive then sign me up.

sure here is my email pablodiaz1920@yahoo.com,I have never played in a IDP league before, what is it like?

I sent you the invite. Let me know what you think

Pablo it is a little bit more to keep up with and manage bench space, but it makes watching football more enjoyable.
Basically linebackers recieve the most points. but there are high number of bonus points for sacks and turnovers.

i see, sounds great, count me in! when can i send the 50$ fee?

Do you have venmo? If not you can send a check

The draft is the night before the season begins so you can evaluate the preseason and make sure you don’t draft a player who gets hurt