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High upside, rock bottom potential deep sleepers?


I’m looking for thoughts on who might be extremely high upside deep sleepers, the kinds of players that could make your season if they hit. Usually these players also have a rock bottom downside as well, i’m thinking guys like

Tavon Austin
Breshad Perriman
John Brown
Marlon Mack

Hail Mary’s, basically.


I personally think Ted Ginn could be worth a stash. I also like Kenny Stills and Paul Richardson.


I like Brown the best out of the group you mentioned. And would definitely agree with Ginn.


Kevin White could be a great flier pick


James Connor isn’t a bad dart throw with your last pick. If Bell goes down, Connor turns into a workhorse. The Steelers always run 1RB into the ground, so Connor really is high upside or rock bottom.


All awesome replies. Thanks for the help everyone


Ginn is a great athlete, but he is a bad receiver. The one year he broke into double digit TDs he had a 46% catch rate. If you watch the film from his time in CAR, he has a few really hard catches, but he has more bad drops.

Stills has had a bad couple of years in Miami, but before that with his time in NO he showed promise.

This leads me to believe that the QB could be the issue. So how much do you believe in Ryan Tannethrill?

I like Brown, but remember his head issues. Docs were saying last year, one more concussion and he is done.

Perriman has too much competition now.

I like Stills, but I also like Robert Woods. He only played one season, but he did it with a 70% catch rate from 3 QBs that weren’t that accurate.


I totally forgot about Mr. White. Lol. Thanks!


Aw man. I thought I was going to be the only one to be sneaky about Marlon Mack. Not sure if you need to draft him, could probably wait until week 2 or 3 and grab him off waivers.

I don’t hear a lot of chatter about Austin Hooper, I like him too.


High Upside no cost:
Thomas Rawls SEA RB
Taylor Gabriel ATL WR
Aaron Jones GB RB
Jared Goff LAR QB

Gabriel really came on at end of year. If Montgomery doesnt work out Jones is the better 3down RB in GB. Goff can only improve and he’s cheap as it gets


I am not crazy about Rawls, Lacy is probable to get 1st and 2nd down work, and CJ will be the change of pace back. Lacy is also very good at the goal line. I feel like you can pick up Rawls off of waivers.

Gabriel = Can be a huge add, see 2015 Hurns.


Rawls is basically free. But in a backfield with a lot of question marks its worth a shot


I am not sure what questions there are? I had thought Rawls role as the back-up was pretty well defined?


Question marks with health. If you buy into the notion of "injury prone"
People just assume the job is being handed to Lacy. He has a one year deal. Keep an eye more on Prosise


The problem with Connor is Toussant is there so he could get the carries, he’s been in the offense for years and knows it better. Also, D Williams is still a free agent. If Bell goes down, they could always sign Williams off the street. Not sure why the talking heads assume Connor will just be gifted 30 carries if Bell gets hurt.


Yeah I don’t know about next year, CJ will be interesting.


CJ Prosise is the only RB signed for 2018 on Seahawks


You don’t think Lacy gets an extension if he plays well this season?


Yea but he has to earn that.


Hahah and lay off the McDie’s burgers.