High Upside Stash RBs

So I’ve got Jones Jr, Sermon, Ty’son and Murray stashed on the bench for now.

In a full PPR format would Gainwell be a better stash over someone like Murray as he’s involved and catches passes?

I need to really keep Sermon to see how this shakes out in SF. I can’t get a trade for the Ravens guys, do I just hold and see or shoot the shot on one and get another upside guy in?

Wilson Jr could be cycled into my IR spot too, if I drop someone for Gainwell.

Bumping up for a take or two, thanks in advance!

I would drop either Ty’son or Murray, pick up Wilson, put him in your IR, then pick up Gainwell. I think the Baltimore backfield is a mess. I have Murray on my bench just to see how the next week goes, but if he isn’t a main guy I will cut him.


I’m leaning Murray as it’s full PPR and i can’t see him catching any passes there, Ty’son may get a few and has the burst so he’s more interesting but mess is right!

I was looking back at BAL stats last year and i can see Ty’son and Murray playing the Dobbins/Edwards roles just not with the same talent level, so i guess that gives Ty’son low end RB2/high RB3 weekly appeal with high RB2 upside if he scores.

Murray RB3/Flex appeal and he needs to score to matter really beyond getting 3-5 points for you. I’d like to see what happens but even Dobbins after the bye last year was just an RB2 to be honest. With a low floor due to Lamar’s running chops…