Higher upside Breida or Aaron Jones?

Aaron Jones is still suspended through week 2 but will be back in week 3. While he is still available in my league as a FA, should I grab him now and drop Breida? (10 team Full PPR) my other RBs are Fournette, Gordon, Shady, Kerryon Thanks guys!

Generally I would advise keeping the safer option here in Breida. But given your current backs you would probably never play him. Therefore i would take the shot on Aaron Jones and hope you have a stud you can either play or flip for high value.


I like Jones a lot this season… I have him in almost all my leagues … I was a Mckinnon owner and I picked Morris over Breida personally…

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I just feel that it being a full PPR and Breida being the pass catching back that has upside because when the 9ers are down (which will be a lot) he’ll be in the game. He does give up goaline work to Alf but his pass catching and league scoring format is whats keeping me high on him. Plus gotta consider the health of ARod, Williams is the better blocking back and if Rodgers is out or even just hurt, they are gonna wanna protect him at all costs giving Williams a high snap count over Jones once Jones is back.