Highest QB upside

Playing the #1 seed, who just got 34 from Hopkins last night while I sat Damien Williams for Nick Chubb and Aaron Jones :frowning:

I need to shoot for highest upside with my QBs. Would you play:
-Matt Ryan vs Ari (almost 0% doing this as he’s sucked lately against good pass defenses)
-Mitch Trib vs GB (8th best against the pass but Trib hasn’t been that good lately)
-Josh Allen vs Det (middle of the pack against the pass, but scary to start Josh Allen in the fantasy semis)

I’m leaning towards Josh Allen… he’s averaging 110+ yds per game rushing! What do you guys think?

I decided to go trubisky over ryan for a potential home run. Ryan is safe floor but he and the cardinals are out of the playoffs. Trubisky has something to prove here.