HIghest Upside RB to Stash? Kerryon vs Mack?

Hey Gang - Who do we see having the highest upside remainder of season? Kerryon or Mack. Prior to Sunday’s embarrassing performance by the Lions, I would have said Kerryon, as they have a better O-line, and also he is a better runner. However, after Sunday, i am not so sure?

Also, any reason to add Morris in this conversation?

Any input?

Kerryon…vs Jets was a weird game. Kerryon is talented and Lions have better O line. Hopefully once the lions start getting to the goal line Patricia will do a la Bellichick with Blount and give Kerryon 10+ TDs. Indy backfield is crowded and Colts overall are going to be in negative game scripts a lot and a bad O line.