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Highest week 7 upside


I have both TB12 and Jamie’s Winston and want your thoughts on who has the better upside this week. I have a feeling I’m going to need my QB to break parity this week. My league is full ppr and rewards pts for 40+ yard plays and getting over 325 passing yards.

My first inclination is to go TB12 due to Chicago’s ability to stop the run and the Patriots tendency to avoid another teams strength, which means they’ll more likely than not want to air it out this week.

Winston has a great fantasy situation each week; no run game, terrible defense & all the pass catching weapons you could ask for.


Winston has the better upside.


I’d go with Winston. I drafted Russell Wilson in a lot of leagues and picked up Winston where I could for the bye week. I’ve been shopping Wilson hard with the goal of riding with Winston ROS for the reasons you mentioned.


I almost feel he is better than TB12 rest of season and I’m a Pats fan. Ik the Pats offense is hard to predict.
And I’m even considering shopping TB12 and use his name :confused:


I’m a pats fan too and I would much rather own Winston than Brady ROS.

Brady is a much better real life QB but fantasy wise, Winston just puts up more points.