Highly considering making this trade for Demarco Murray

I am in a 1 point PPR league. I am considering giving up CJ Anderson and Marshawn Lynch to get Demarco Murray,…thoughts? My record is 4-3 and my current running backs are Mark Ingram, Dion Lewis, Legarrete Blount, Tevin Coleman, then Marshawn and CJ

Well I did the trade, am I stupid?

Damn idk hard to tell… Hopefully after the BYE murray and mariota will be healthier and on the same page. Lynch wont do anything this year and CJ has looked awful. I think its a gamble but one that i would take.

I agree with Luccas. Good roll of the dice. Lynch isn’t the same player he was before retirement. CJ Anderson seems to be hit and miss these past few seasons. I like the trade.