Hill for Goff?

Been offered Goff for Tyrek Hill. Given his injury probably on the shelf for 6 weeks or more. I’m considering this deal. 10 team standard non ppr.

WRs I have are D. Adams, Kupp, R. Anderson and Josh Gordon.

Have plenty of options on the waivers like McCaurlin, Ty. Williams, Gallup and Brown. I have 2nd waiver priority non FAAB. So can get one for sure

Goff looked bad. Who is your QB now?

Had Winston as a week 1 streaming never again…lol. Josh Allen is available on waivers

Allen has the Giants, Bengals and Dolphins coming up in the next 6 weeks. I would use him and then fill in the other weeks. Or shop Hill for a better QB, Goff just scares me right now.

Thanks. That’s where my thoughts were as well.

I wouldn’t overreact about Goff after 1 week. I agree he did not look good, but I think more often than not he’ll be fine for fantasy.

Still though, play the matchups. But I’m fine with him this week at home against the Saints & I’m starting him in a couple leagues.