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Hill for Murray?


Just got offered Demarco Murray for Tyreek hill

Typically i would jump on this but im weak at wr right now.

Current team .5 ppr 1 qb 2 rb 2wr 1te 2 flex 1 dst 1 k

Qb Palmer, Luck (ir)
Rb Bell, Hunt, Zeke, Ingram, Kamara, Jamaal williams, brieda
WR Amari Cooper, Tyreek Hill, Amandola, Marquees Lee, Corey Davis
TE Kelce
Dst cards
K Legatron

Currently i have faab bids on John Brown Moncrief, Lat murray, and Min dst.


Mmm boy, That’s a tough one. You are hurting at recievers, but if you got Murray you could shop 1 or 2 of your stud RB’s for some monster WR trades. I just feel like you can’t turn down the value of that trade, Murray is worth so much more than Hill (I have hill and i love him as a player, but he’s so boom/bust), and with cooper pooping his big boy pants every week I feel like this trade could set you up for targeting a really high quality reciever. I like it even more if your league is active and trades frequently cuz then you can turn around and shop for a better WR.

I would personally shop Zeke(suspension concern) and/or Murray after a good game, You could definitely get a WR1 and WR2 if you shop around.

It would be a lot of moving parts though, and that’s the only thing I don’t like, but if you could pull it off you’d be stacked.


When you are stacked at a certain position you should do just that to strengthen the other. Bandaid makes a good point, and I should stop reviewing posts because he’s got it covered on all the feedback. Kidding but when you have multiple people agreeing on something, it helps to go with that decision.


My league is pretty active already made 3 trades this year. Thats how i got kamara, kelce, and ingram after the draft.

Thank you guys for your input. Im gonna accrpt and get to shopping.


You got mad RBs. Murray is shittin the bed. You don’t need him. Will you ever play him over those other three? No. if anything trade Zeke for a top WR to a team that needs an RB. Or even package Ingram and either Cooper or Hill for a stud WR.

You got a Beast team. This less than 10 man?


12 team. .5 ppr

Just had a solid draft because we drafted the day after spencer wares injury and i got zeke in the 2nd and hunt in the 5th

Side note we do play 2 flex so i can start murray as well.


I think Murray still has enough name value that you could sell him for a better WR than Tyreek, I agree you probably wouldn’t want to start marry cuz he’s been pretty bad this year, but if you can shop him on name value (think: “Mariota is hurt and Cassel is trash, so they will HAVE to run”) someome will bite on it and you can sandbag another team while getting a more consistent WR than Tyreek.

On the other hand, like I said, they might run it more through Murray without mariota around, then you can sell high after a big game for even better value.