Hill, JuJu or Diggs? Standard w/bonus'

Are they all wr1 options? How would you rank these? Who’s the safest? Who’s got the higest ceiling?

I’m not the smartest on this board, but I’d rank them

  1. Diggs: great volume likely with a pass happy system
  2. Hill: I think Reid will continue to use him like Desean Jackson. I rank him below Diggs because the volume might not be there as much as it is for Diggs
  3. Juju: I only rank him here because there are too many mouths to feed. I heard a NFL gambling expert point out that he thinks Pitt’s defense stinks, so Pitt should have a high PPG and Juju could have some monster weeks. With Ben’s home/road splits tho, Juju might have some inconsistent weeks
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I agree with thhis order. Really the concern with Diggs is his ability to stay on the field. When he plays, he’s really, really good. Hill is close, and the concern would be volume. Juju is a distant 3rd for me. I don’t think he’s the same talent level (plenty talented in his own right, I just think the oter two are better) and also has volume concerns.

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