Hill, McCaffrey, or Gillislee

.5 pt PPR league, looking for my flex spot. I already have McCoy and Howard at RB, Thomas and Fitz at WR.

I’m naturally leaning Gillislee due to the matchup and the feelings that he truly is going to get Blunt style opportunities. McCaffrey has PPR upside but don’t you think that unless he really brakes one loose, it’s J-stew that will get the scoring touches inside the 20’s. Hill is no secret weapon and I’m sure Philly is going to find away to control him. They would rather have the ball in kelce’s hands the hunt or hill. So that’s my logic… I would roll with the pats and Gillislee’s 18-20 touches throughout the game, goal line and all.

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I’m definitely looking for highest upside player to start in my flex this week. I agree Gillislee has the best chance at scoring but scares me because I feel he has the most opportunity to let me down. Thanks for the advice.

I like gillislee