Tyreek Hill or Doug Baldwin for my 3rd round pick?

I already have Michael Thomas (reception monster) as my wr1.

What do y’all think?

What’s the format?

PPR im going Baldwin all day.

Hill is an option in standard leagues but he’s a boom bust risk. I personally think he and Mahomes have already built a nice rapport thats going to mitigate the target loss with Watkins on the roster, but the argument isn’t hard to make for Baldwin in either case.

It’s a .5 ppr

I’m just thinking since I already have Michael Thomas as a steady wr who will get me 12-15 points a week. It would be nice to pair him with hill as a high end wr2 that can win me my week. I haven’t paid much attention to Baldwin playing style. You say your would lean towards him over hill?

I love em both really, but Baldwin is the safest option… He’s a safe bet for 80-90 receptions and should see his RZ usage improve with Graham in GB.

Hill will have massive weeks but his TDs will be dependent on long receptions as he’ll be a weak option in the RZ behind the run game, Kelce, and Watkins

Hill. Baldwin has a knee injury, and those don’t magically heal overnight. Plus you can’t believe what Pete Carroll has to say about knee injuries, especially when he made Sherman play through one for six games. Sherman’s play was subpar, and Carroll should’ve IR’d him at that point.

Hill all day.

Without the injury, I’d take Baldwin. With it, it’s a toss up. I do love Hill’s talent. The question is volume.

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Baldwin has been reportedly working out hard, doing full sprints just feels like they’re being cautious with him. I do agree if your concerned then Hill is a solid option but I’d still take the proven production with Baldwin

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Not ideal.

With the current injury situation, I am taking hill. MT gives you a great floor at WR, Hill gives you the ceiling. He is someone who can legit finish as a top 8 WR.

Whenever players themselves come out and say they are not 100%, the situation is much worse than it appears cause players are always more optimistic than doctors/teams.

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yea, that was a development I wasn’t hoping for… I ended up getting shares in a few leagues with Baldwin at a discount so I’m hoping he can put together at least a WR3 season for me.

Yea, this one is a bummer… and the whole “won’t be 100% this season” makes me wonder what issue he’s really dealing with… unfortunately even at a discount I paired him with OBJ and Josh Gordon so I’m playing with fire this year. Hopefully my depth is solid enough to make up for either or missing time/not being healthy…

Baldwin all day and night. Hey gets volume and is a red zone target. He has no competition for targets either. Even though he has the knee injury he doesn’t rely on pure athleticism like Hill. I like Hill a lot with all of this said and I don’t think you can make a wrong choice here honestly.

Sure he doesn’t rely on pure athleticism but you don’t think he needs his knees to make quick cuts and run crisp routes?

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Yeah it’s toolate I took Baldwin before the news broke… I paired him with MT and Amari cooper, also have lots of rookie wide receiver depth. I’m thinking of trading Baldwin for a guy like Drake. See if they bite on that

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After playing through knee stuff in college honestly no, unless it’s a fairly big injury when I played I didn’t feel anything wise due to pure adrenaline. I played on torn meniscus for the second half of a season and it didn’t bother me during the games really. It was after that I was in pain and could barely walk. It always amazes me on what these guys can put their bodies through when they play hurt.

Got it. So Baldwin doesn’t need good knees to play well in the NFL competing against the best athletes in the world because you played on a torn meniscus in college. Makes sense.

You act like these guys have to be 100% to play. If you waited until being 100% to play no one would play. God forbid someone who played power 5 college ball and played through a knee injury may know at least a little about it, but guess not.

Did I say that? No. The question is would you prefer Hill or Baldwin. Given they are both pretty similar in terms of upside / ceiling and talent, I’ll take the guy without knee problems.

You make it seem like having knee issues is going to have zero impact on his performance.

And that’s awesome you played power 5 ball, no hate, mad respect for sure. But this is also the NFL we’re talking about. And Baldwin is the best receiver on the offense and will be lining up opposite the best athletes and best talents at the CB position. To think that having a bummed knee for an entire season is not going to affect him is naive.

I work with orthopedic surgeons a lot, and I think the fantasy football advice industry totally undervalues shoulder and knee injuries.

Remember how Eric Decker was a lock to return with that bum shoulder, until he couldn’t play with it? Some things can be masked for a few weeks or a half season or so, but the thing we do not know is whether Baldwin has already had knee issues that he hasn’t made public in the past because he could play through it.

I love Doug Baldwin’s production. And sure, he may put up great numbers for a while. But it seems like he is sending out strong signals that he is going to need an arthroscopy at the end of the season, or maybe sooner. He is a baller, yet he hasn’t played a snap in preseason.

Injuries do happen, but when we are given advanced knowledge of one, it’s up to you to weigh the risks. For me, that means that if there’s someone that’s near him in the rankings, I’ll almost always opt for the healthier player.

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