Hill/Woods + Chubb/Aaron Jones for Kamara

QB: Newton, Rivers
WR: OBJ, Hill, Diggs, Woods, Gordon
RB: Barkley, Chubb, Aaron Jones, Elijah mcguire
TE: Kittle, Njoku

So i’m working on negotiating a trade for Kamara. In no way do i need this trade as I am leading the league. But, I think it could lock me in as a league winner.

So far he has offered me Hill + Chubb for kamara. I’m thinking of countering with Diggs or Woods + Chubb for Kamara. What are your guys thoughts?

I wouldn’t mind taking the original trade he offered, but I’d definitely start with the counter. I think I’d rather get rid of Diggs than Woods given Diggs is battling Thielen for targets and Kupp just went down in LA, but Woods still has a bye week coming. You still have the depth to make up for the bye week though, so I’d offer Diggs first and see how they react.

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I agree. My thought was to counter offer with woods which most negotiation responses get rejected so then I act like I’m upping the offer with diggs, cause of his name.

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Hmm I feel like the original trade is a little too much.

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I actually am big on Diggs ROS. Teams are really focusing on Thielen and he should see a ton of targets like he was earlier in the year.

Ya you may be right looking back. Chubb is looking solid and it’d be a lot to ship him away with Hill.

Ya, I’m a big fan of Chubb when baker is actually playing well