Hilton and K. Johnson for A. Jones and Tate

Hello clans - Thoughts on this trade? I will be acquiring Hilton and Johnson and trading away Tate and A. Jones.

My WRs
J. Jones
J. Edelman
K. Golladay
G. Tate
T. Smith

My RBs:
A. Jones

If this has been offered to you I’d accept this in a hurry before the other guy realises what he’s done lol!

You’re getting a RB2 and WR1 in return for a RB3/4 and a WR2 - take it asap. If you’ve offered this and it gets accepted, well played sir you’ve robbed someone


If you can get this through, you’d be upgrading both positions.

Fleece this dude before he knows what him him. ACCEPT! youre getting a running back thats actually getting carries and IMO will be a difference maker for fantasy teams down the stretch in KJ. Luck is absolutely ballin out and TY is their number 1 receiver in a pass heavy offense that will usually be playing catch up. i like tate alot, but i think KJ starts getting more work and kenny G is a stud. Plus theres always Marvin Jones too.

IMO you get the better back in Johnson and the better receiver in Hilton (only downside is tate already had his bye and Hiltons is next week)