Hilton for Gronk

If you have MT, Hopkins, DJ Moore, T Smith and Brate? I was the Oj owner and thinking making a move for Gronk. Thoughts?

Is the Gronk owner desperate for WR production? If they are you could utilise Smith’s huge game and try and trade that way without Hilton.

Probably won’t take it but you could hype up Smith’s production and snag a good deal out of it. If not I still think Hilton for Gronk is good because you have MT+Nuk and two solid rookies as your WR3.

But you do have Brate, so I dont think you really NEEED to get Gronk per say


Yeah I like Brate just worried about their QB situation through the playoffs. Gronk would be a safety net. TSmith wouldn’t fly unfortunately. Hilton may.

My concern with Gronk is injury, injury, injury.

You can try doesn’t hurt I’d start out with a low ball offer citing the injuries and lack of production so far. I mean Gronk is solid when healthy but he’s been one of the biggest busts this season. I agree with @thomas_man that having Brate you don’t necessarily need Gronk he should be fine, Winston loves throwing to TE’s

Another option is to drop Trubi (also own Brees) or Gus for McDonald or Rudolph. I like Trubi though and want to hold him in case they bench Brees week 16. Or could drop Gus (also own Hunt, Zeke, AJones & DCook).

Yeah, I’ve got Truby as well, along with Wilson. I really, really think holding on to him is a good idea. I think he’s already shown that he’s got HUGE potential to make Chi a team to be reckoned with going forward.

AND…the fact that they look to be taking the NFC North Seed, I think he and Nagy are gonna be a wind-storm. (IF Truby’s shoulder doesn’t continue to be a prob). BUT…he’s young…so…

What about dropping Gus for McDonald or Rudolph with my RB situation?

I would drop Gus for Vance if you choose to go down that route…Rudolph has been disappointing this year for the Vikes

But really, you dont need another TE, I think you’re fine using Brate. Unless you have the roster space, then I would pick up Vance as a backup

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