Hilton for Ingram

12-man non-ppr redraft league.

I get: Ingrma
I give: Hilton

Some background: I have OBJ, Julio, TY Hilton, Sammy Watkins, & John Brown as my WRs
I have McCoy, Dion Lewis, Sony Michel, Rashaad Penny, Latavius Murray, and Corey Clement as my RBs

Based on my depth, should I take this trade?

ehhh no. I think TY is too much for ingram. Now it would be nice to add him to your roster but I think your over paying.

4 weeks no ingram- he plays week 5 and then week 6 he is on Bi.

by the start of week 7 he will have played 1 game.

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Put yourself in the other guys shoes. Would you want trade a suspended guy getting no points for 4 weeks, who also probably went 1 or 2 rounds later for a guy with a potential#1 target roll from Andrew Luck?

Do not make that trade.

OBJ, Julio and TY are solid weekly starters this season, after them you have a STEEP drop off with your other two WR, as far as fantasy production goes. I would feel better about keeping the WR’s and the RB’s you have rather than doing that trade.

hard pass. This is a horrible trade.

give him Sammy for Ingram :smiley:

Thanks everyone for the input! I’ll try the Watkins for Ingram suggestions.

Sammy and Penny for Ingram. Go pick up brieda or other sf back