Hilton for Powell & Burkhead

12-man non-ppr redraft league.

I get: Powell & Burkhead
I give: Hilton

Some background: I have OBJ, Julio, TY Hilton, Sammy Watkins, & John Brown as my WRs
I have McCoy, Dion Lewis, Sony Michel, Rashaad Penny, Latavius Murray, and Corey Clement as my RBs

Based on my depth, should I take this trade?

I’m VERY on the fence about this trade, leaning towards standing pat.

I’m just gonna lay out rationales for and against.

Against the trade:

I kinda like your team as is. I mean, this is how zero RB should work.

You did well to amass a stable of rbs who matter, while also grabbing some of the heaviest hitters at WR.

If you were to stand pat, you would have to be patient and wait for Penny and Sony to materialize, but they are the more talented backs in their backfields. They will emerge. In the meantime, you have McCoy and Dion Lewis to start at RB, while starting OBJ, Julio as wRs and flexing TY.

That aint bad at all.

For the trade:

Maybe Burkhead’s a more solid play than TY (the Colt’s o-line has not looked good at all). Getting him won’t cost you OBJ and Julio, and maybe he raises your floor while you’re waiting for the rookies to develop.


I think you did a nice job shaping this team and I would be more psyched about seeing how those big guns at receiver light things up than I would be about acquiring burkhead to flex him, because I think the RBs you drafted could pan out.

good luck!

I didn’t think of that at all. Thanks a lot for your input! I was leaning towards staying pat as well.

It really is a tough call…

Earlier in the day, I advised someone with a lot of receiving firepower to deal one of those guys for more stability at RB.

But I like your RB stable better than his.

You can always make moves later…sell high on one of those wideouts if your early season shady / lewis combo looks like a dud after a couple of weeks.

Ultimately, it’s your decision, obviously.

You should definitely hear what other people have to say…there are lots of good fantasy thinkers on here…