Hilton or Pascal! Help!

I’m down 20 points heading into Monday’s game. I’ve got Kamara and one of Pascal or Hilton. Sounds like Hilton is trending towards playing. Do I stick with the healthier Pascal or risk it with Hilton and hope he plays the whole game???

I HAVE THE SAME EXACT SCENARIO…But im down 17. I wanna say we’re in a good spot but I don’t want to jinx it. I had Pascal plugged in all day but now I can’t decide lol. At least we have Kamara to make up the majority of the points we need to close the gap (hopefully)

I wanna believe Kamara can do it all by himself but he’s been far from reliable this year. It just comes down to who has the better chance to score me at least 10 points, Hilton or Pascal. The worst part of all this is that I had Drake on my bench this week so this decision shouldn’t even have had to happen :frowning:

Mannn thats rough. Luckily I started him and Perriman and they saved me lol. Food for thought, Last game where BOTH played, Pascal had 1 target for 0 catches and 0 yards. TY before he left due to injury, 6 targets, 3 catches, 18 yards. Not sure if that warrants Jacoby’s preference when he has his supposed top weapon. I want to say either option will get us right. I mean its just 10 pts a piece, right? LOL. I might just say screw it and go TY

Wow that’s rough. Pascal. Just because Hilton could be a decoy.

One says Pascal, the other says Hilton. Come on guys, you’re killing me! LOL

I’m leaning TY just because he is the go to guy. Will Latimore cover Hilton? Does Pascal play the slot?

I think to be safe, probably Pascal. Let’s say Kamara gets 10-15 which is totally possible, we would only bank Pascal to get us a measly 5-6 pts.

If TY Hilton goes off tho, that’s the risk taken for being “safe”