Hilton or Thielen at the 3.01

12 Team .5 PPR, Gurley at 1.01 Howard at 2.12.

Hilton. Gurley gives you a solid floor and ceiling. Howard and Hilton will give you the ceiling.

If you’re team booms with that core, it’s going to be incredibly hard to beat.


I think Hilton for ceiling and Thielen for floor. I can see a potential where AT scores more from volume, but your floor is good at RB so I would likely lean into the boom with Hilton. Admittedly Luck gives me more than a slight pause, and I might stay away, but the upside of Hilton even with a 75% Luck could be worth it.

AT’s ceiling was last year. To think otherwise would be far too optimistic.

Hilton’s ceiling is the top WR. We’ve seen it. Luck looks pretty decent and sure there’s risk there but, the risk is worth the gamble. Cause that is potentially league winning to get a top 5 WR in the 3rd.

Hilton is enticing with Luck coming back. Thielen is as solid as they come (and a tier higher than TY). I like Thielen. Check him out in #ReceptionPerception. You should also have a shot at Amari Cooper (same tier as Thielen). TY is a tier lower, but he has the big play ability. Tough call but I like Thielen’s floor and I am inclined to think Cooper is primed. I like them both over TY’s risks.